No more Bullshit

There is no free money, there are no easy ways. Just hard work and good strategies


Miljonair worden met de verkoop van je mediabedrijf. Daar gaat het boek Content In van…

ByByMarcel Jongmanssep 17, 20235 min read

Verantwoording nemen

Nog niet zo lang geleden hield een grote overheidsorganisatie een enquête onder haar medewerkers. De…

ByByMarcel Jongmanssep 14, 20233 min read

Beren op de weg

Niemand heeft ze graag: Obstakels die je afhouden van het realiseren van je doelen. Van…

ByByMarcel Jongmanssep 10, 20232 min read
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Atomic habits

Get ready to supercharge your goals and unleash your full potential with “Atomic Habits”! This…

ByByMarcel Jongmansjul 2, 20232 min read

My Journey with Tony Robbins

As a fourteen-year-old entrusted with babysitting my two young cousins, I found myself surrounded by…

ByByMarcel Jongmansjun 5, 20232 min read

The Timeless Wisdom of “The 7 Habits”

Unlocking the profound influence of a twentieth-century business classic, “The 7 Habits” continues to shine…

ByByMarcel Jongmansjun 4, 20232 min read

Unleashing the Power of Content Marketing: Your Path to Success!

The landscape of advertising is evolving at an astonishing pace, ushering in a new era…

ByByMarcel Jongmansjun 3, 20233 min read
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Sharpen your mind and learn something new

Security and mystery

Esther Perel is one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to…

ByByMarcel Jongmansjul 11, 20231 min read


Discovering new perspectives and challenging our preconceived notions is a transformative experience. Recently, I had…

ByByMarcel Jongmansjul 5, 20232 min read
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